Dear $@# Baby.

Your father informed me the other day that he wants to nickname you “Deuce”. I think he was referring to you being male and probably being named Little A, making you a second, to which he would change to Deuce. If you’re female, apologies, because that still may be your name. Your father can be a stubborn SOB.

My immediate response was “But what if you drop him?” We may watch too much Family Guy.

I’ll try to stop him, Kid, but you may be outta luck on this one.

7 thoughts on “Deuce

  1. Big A has a voice on this blog, and there’s nothing wrong with Deuce. It’s a much better alternative than Junior…it also helps to keep the image of the Deuce Mcallister or Duce Staley as opposed to freakin Deuce Bigalow.

  2. if i had time I would make a video for you interviewing people on the streets of Chicago “What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘deuce’?”

    But you know what, I don’t even need to waste the battery life on my Flipcam because I can tell you the results now:

    84 people said “dropping a”
    12 people said “Bigelow”
    4 people said “are wild”


    Science doesn’t lie, my friend.

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