There’s Something About Facebook

I’ve told my family. I’ve told a handful of close friends. I’ve told utter strangers on the interwebz.

But there’s just something about Facebook.

It’s not that I don’t want people to know. They’re all going to find out eventually.

It’s not that I don’t want the attention. I love attention. I’m the baby of my family and the only girl. I thrive on attention.

I figured I would do it after the first visual confirmation. Got that. Then it was upon entering the second trimester. Well, that’s, like, practically tomorrow (where the F did that time go??). I am still holding out.

Drink beer. Get name on wall.

College. Drink beer. Get name on wall.

I think it’s because the majority of my Facebook friends are from the college era. And I wasn’t exactly the picture of responsibility back then. Unless your definition of responsibility includes not studying, copious drinking, fake IDs and 4am cheese fries (I miss you, Richards!). Usually the night(s) before finals. AND my frat boy husband was worse than me.

Will our parenting style be the same way? Probably.

And everyone knows it.

3 thoughts on “There’s Something About Facebook

  1. For some reason, the big FB reveal kind of became a thing for me and my hubs too. I think it’s because you see all these people plaster their pregnancies all over the website and from there on out they are never the person you remember ever again. Heck, the saddest thing to me is that after they had their babies, so many of my FB friends NEVER, EVER post pictures of themselves ever again. I just don’t want to be that way!

    I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award because your pregnancy website runs circles around about 99% of the other ones. You are hilarious! If you want to pass it on (which, if you don’t, I totally understand; it’s kind of a hassle) just write a post listing 15 blogs you want to pass it on to and then tell seven things about yourself that others may not know. Again, no biggie if you don’t want to pass it on. I just think your blog rocks 🙂

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