And I Ate It, Too.

Yeah, this totally happened on the way home from work because of yesterday’s frosting thesis.


I’m pretty sure I felt Hyperbole and a Half surging through my sugar fueled veins. Cake was all I could think about yesterday.

Also, many congrats to fellow blogger Emily over at The Waiting who became the proud owner of a baby girl Saturday night! She was one of the first “pregnancy” blogs I started to follow when I began this whole thing, so it is sort of surreal to realize how fast time has gone! Her blog is witty and fab and smart and funny – I cannot wait to read her views on having a newborn!

3 thoughts on “And I Ate It, Too.

  1. LOL Yes…because of your awesome icing post yesterday I think you inspired many pregnant ladies to go out and find frosting covered cake substances. Probably some not pregnant ladies as well. The grocery store across from my work makes the most delicious red velvet cake with yummy hand made frosting so needless to say I devoured a whole piece from there. My babybean thanks you for the inspiration as well. He loves cake. 🙂 I’m a new reader to your blog (one of the first I’m reading on this journey) and enjoy your fun and witty posts!

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