Blogger’s Block

Subtitled: My kid is still ridic cute but I have nothing else to say about him right now.

Ughhhh. So little motivation to sit down for an hour and type anything out. So it’s not really a writer’s block, I suppose. More like an energy lack. So many other things to do, both important and not so much. CSI: Miami can really pull you in.


I’m stumped on what to post. I had a first plane trip post semi-done, but that was mid-August so it seems moot. I have a we-took-an-epic-road-trip idea in my head, but can I do that without the plane trip background? I have more gripes about pinterest, a blogging flow chart, autumn photos, nursery photos, a video of Little A rolling over and then me calling him a dummy, a post about how I apparently rock as a domestic goddess.

None of these are remotely finished. Some aren’t even started. But I’ll finish one this week. I’ll even give you guys a say. IT IS ELECTION SEASON AFTER ALL. PRACTICE THEM VOTING SKILLZ.

Vote today, I’ll write tomorrow. And maybe post on Thursday. Or Friday. GOD I AM TERRIBLE AT THIS.

You have your instructions. This blog will not self-destruct because that would be dumb.

Hanging chads are your responsibility.


How’s THAT for a cop out blog post?! None of them are even good ideas.

ALSO if there’s anything you’ve been dying for me to write about, I’d love to hear it. I may even consider it. If you’re lucky.

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. southernfriedinvegas says:

    Ugh. I’m in the same boat. I have a bunch of ideas and partly started blogs in draft and I just can’t seem to finish them. I want to hear about the goat!
    I love goats.

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