They See Me Rollin’

Ande over at Squatch Makes Three and I made a deal to share our rolling videos today, in a team effort to bore the world.

Unfortch, upon review of mine, I realized it was riddled with Little A’s real name. THE HORROR.

No, but seriously that is highly verboten to make public. And I didn’t have enough time to shoot a new one, plus it would be staged. You can’t PLAN to insult your infant when he rolls over, it just has to HAPPEN.

So I present to you the following shitty drawings as a poor, sad substitute.

Yep. You came here for THAT.


4 thoughts on “They See Me Rollin’

  1. southernfriedinvegas says:

    That surprised look of “WTF just happened?!” when they start rolling is priceless. If you like to make fun of your kids like we do.

  2. Given the circumstances, we’ll call this good enough. Maybe sometime we’ll get video proof. Till then Little A rolling over is on the same level as the Loch Ness Monster. We’ve heard stories, but have no hard evidence.

    On a completely unrelated note, is the bald spot on the back of his head in the drawing on purpose? Because Squatch has one of those, too. Weirdos, these babies.

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