Baby’s First Hurricane

I have seen my fair share of disasters in the past thirteen months. Well, two natural events and a power outage.

In a long-winded rant about my deployment curse, I explained what happened during the last two hurricanes that hit the mid-Atlantic. And four days after the kid was born, he had his first foray into power outages.

I’m not going to lie. I think I have a slight case of déjà vu and/or PTSD. I had a rough time sleeping last night when the rain started to come, waiting for the moment it became heavy enough that, a year ago, it would be gushing through the wall. I flashbacked to the Shop-Vaccing and the towels and the heaven sent gift of not losing power so I could Shop-Vac some @#!%ing more. I made myself stay in bed even though all I wanted to do was check the walls.

The fact the NYC is pretty much deserted is what I find most unnerving about this crazy ass Frankenstorm.

I can currently hear the water running into the sump and then the pump going off. Frequently. Should we lose power, we have a back-up battery that should last two to three days or more while functioning, long if it doesn’t have to pump. We think.

We’ve never actually had to test that theory. During the last power outage, there was little rain so the battery was fine. I wanted to get a back-up back-up battery. Big A said no. I told him I would not assist in the bail out should it come to that.

So that’s FEAR ONE. More water in the basement. THE BASEMENT WE JUST FIXED.

FEAR TWO is that crazy cooked tree behind our house that I’ve been afraid of for the three years we’ve lived here. It continues to get less straight and while it isn’t heading our way, one giant gust in the wrong direction could be bad for us. Even worse for the house that is RIGHT in it’s path. CUT THAT BITCH DOWN ALREADY.


So did we prep for this? Eh…we’ve got a months worth of food and water for the kid. We have some food in the fridge we can eat as soon as the power goes out. There are six boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer. Big A is kind of a muscle head so there are PLENTY of protein shakes. We have beer. And Bourbon. And Vodka.  If the power goes out it won’t be absurdly hot this time.

Not to mention, Big A is HOME so his luck should take care of things.

Hopefully even the need for the back-up back-up battery. DON’T FAIL ME NOW, NEW BASEMENT. YOU COST US $10k AND YOU BETTER KEEP UP YOUR END OF THAT DEAL.

We are bracing for impact. Kind of.


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Hurricane

  1. Karlie says:

    Stay safe and dry! Do you have the added worry of the “frankenstorm” part, or will Sandy be by you before the nor’ester merges in? We’re about to have a very snowy Hallowe’en here, good thing her costume is a fleece Funshine Bear one piece.

    • I think the whole thing is a Frankenstorm at this point. We are inland enough and far away enough from the eye that we shouldn’t have it too bad.

      I CANNOT BELIEVE she is going to be Funshine Bear!! I was Funshone when I was four or five, costume built to fit over my snowsuit. My mom still has the costume, she made it for me. It was AWESOME. You need to share a pic with me!

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