We decided that since he turned five months today, we would give him “food” for Thanksgiving. We had given him rice cereal a few times and he kind of ate it so why the $%^# not. He was unimpressed with the green beans. So was I, to be honest. They lacked a certain…fried onion topping flavor.

So last night we tried bananas.

I am unsure if he is happy, terrified, disgusted or Jim Carrey.

We found it hilarious.

Also, in case you somehow missed the glaring widget over there, you should totally go like Expletive Baby on Facebook. The sooner you do it, the sooner I can stop pressuring you to do it.

8 thoughts on “STOP. NANNER TIME.

  1. that is amazing. also…you are the first other person ive met that has a boon high chair DO YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO?? (i usually dont get this excited about baby gear but it is just that great)

    • I do love it! It’s so easy to clean! What’s funny is about 24 hours before I got it I was totally making fun of it online because it looks so crazy. But the next day at a consignment shop, I asked if they had a high chair and the only one they had was the Boon. The sales associate had one at home and was SO EXCITED about it she gave the perfect sales pitch and it ended up in my car.

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