Photo Friday: Christmas Card Rejects

I fancy myself to be a semi-decent photographer, so OF COURSE I thought it was a mighty fine idea to take a photo of the wee baby Seamus  Little A and make into a wonderful, beautiful, exceptional holiday card.


But we got a few. And even though sorting pics to find the good ones is like 119% the bane of my existence, there were some stand outs and one MEGA stand out which became the card.

Was it worth it? Probably. But here’s hoping NEXT Christmas is just a little bit easier.


xmas blog 5

xmas blog 4

xmas blog 3

xmas blog 1

Release that baited breath, my friends. The next photo was the big winner of the Christmas Card Contest Extravaganza Bonanza Blitz. And, side note for you procrastinators, and I am not being paid for this endorsement in any way, but if you have a Ritz Camera in your area, HOLY CRAP. I ordered the cards online on Friday, December 14th and picked them up the next damn day. Every other website either wouldn’t let you upload your own design (which I had) or they were charging an arm and a leg for expediting OR both. I didn’t even know there were still Ritz Cameras in business but holy hell I’m glad there are; for once I got those damn cards out on time.


xmas blog 2

The card was captioned with “Merry & Bright”. I was more than okay with the outcome.



And if you are unaware of the reference, please introduce yourself to the Wee Baby Seamus.

13 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Christmas Card Rejects

  1. Nicely done. I like that one you actually used. Squatch has that same hat, though his head was a little large to use it. My kid has a big head—go figure.

    Also, the shadow on his face from the tree in the first picture made me do a quick double-take. I thought it looked like a burn victim or a really weird birthmark for a second there.

  2. Wow, it was way easier for me to take pictures of Doodle when he was little than it is now. Not saying it was easy *in the slightest* then, but I’m not so sure you should put too many eggs in the “easy toddler picture taking” basket. I hope, for your sake, that it does get easier, because these are some mighty adorable pictures with your “uncooperative” baby, and I can only imagine how great they’ll be next year if you have a slightly cooperative toddler. 🙂

      • Best advice I can offer, just take hundreds of pictures for each shoot (thousands if you can!). You’re bound to get at least a dozen good ones. I actually kind of like sorting through pictures to find the best. Searching for gold, you know? Then, once you do find those few nuggets, just delete the rest and everyone will think you’re a superstar photographer. 🙂

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