Couch Hostage

Coming to you direct from the couch and my phone! Lately the kid has been decreasing his nap time which I’ve come to find out is normal. Which is stupid. If they’re more active, shouldn’t they nap more?? But I digress.

If he is napping in the play yard or his crib, I’m lucky to get twenty or thirty minutes of slumber out of him. If we’re snuggling on the couch, I can get over an hour. If he’s napping with my husband on the couch, those sleep monsters go for two hours. And don’t get me wrong, I love the times when we cuddle on the couch together. It gives me a chance to relax and I live for baby snuggles and even sort of like the banana breath. But sometimes, like now, I have shit to do. Or I’m hungry. Or I need to pee. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Do I suffer a day with short naps and deal with the cranky baby at night or do I sacrifice time and responsibilities so he can get a decent nap in? I’m trying to find the balance but the times HE wants to snuggle always up as the most inopportune for me.

He has it in for me, I swear.

Damn it I really have to pee.


Dirty me with minimal make-up and Elvis hair. You’re welcome.

6 thoughts on “Couch Hostage

  1. I’m in the same situation, Madeline would sleep for over an hour if I’m holding her, but only for 20-30 minutes if I put her in her crib. I have tons of other things to do but I figure with my mat leave ending in 3 months, I’ll regret these moments if I don’t cherish them now. Everything else has taken a backseat and I think that’s ok 🙂

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