Get Ready. Or Not.

I told you I could disappear for weeks! I may bullshit but I never lie.

In the last two weeks, things went a little hectic. Big A and I spent a few days in Boston seeing the sights and exploring the city. And by that I mean drinking all the beer.


Cheers to beer, Boston, cardboard Sam Adams and you guys!

Cheers to beer, Boston, cardboard Sam Adams and you guys!

Then it was a whirlwind of avoidance and preparation for his sixth deployment. SIXTH. And while we had become accustomed to these things, even sometimes looking forward to them, this one hit us hard. I tease my husband about his lack of feelings and I couldn’t make fun of him when we drove to the airport this time.

Oh, whatever. I still found a way to make fun of him. It made ME feel better.

So now it’s just me and the kid. And the dog and the cat. And the house that betrays me.

You’re either going to get a whole lot of posts now or a whole lot of nothing. Doing this single parent thing is exhausting, especially when you have a baby that may or may not like food on any given day who also needs to eat more than he does because he’s falling off the curve. I try to write during his morning nap, but that’s when I clean up the hovel. Or if I do sit down to write then it’s dark in the basement to keep him asleep and to be honest, I fall asleep much of the time, too. Sleep is awesome.

Sleep when the baby sleeps is still a rule at 11 months old, right? HOLY SHIT HE’S ELEVEN MONTHS OLD.

The only other time I really have to write would be after bedtime and by then I just want to veg out and watch the shit that’s piling up on my DVR. Thoughts are hard. TV is easy. Which is also why I’ve been reading a lot of your blogs but not commenting. I am out there. Stalking.

Hope you all have a fab weekend, it’s a long one here in the good ol’ USA!


8 thoughts on “Get Ready. Or Not.

  1. You are doing a lot better than me that you have make time to clean each day. I am in fear that my oven will self-ignite soon because it’s been such a long time since I cleaned it.

  2. southernfriedinvegas says:

    You’re supposed to clean your oven? Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned one. I also realized that I’ve never wiped down my blinds in this place. I’m going on year 4. Sleep when the baby sleeps is good forever. They’ll always be our babies, right?

    • I’ve cleaned exactly ONE oven in my life. I had to run the self-clean cycle before we moved out of a rental once. I should just do that here but I read a story once where the glass shattered and now I’m scared.

      I like where your head’s at regarding sleep. 🙂

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