*Taps Microphone* Is This Thing Still On?

Somewhere in Wisconsin, happy to be out of the car.

Somewhere in Wisconsin, chilling at a rest area, happy to be out of the car.

What’s up, @!$#%heads!

Did ya miss me? I thought so.

I missed you.

I’ve been busy. Too busy. Exhaustingly busy.

Since you last saw me, I drove over 2700 miles in four legs, spent over 40 hours in that car with a baby (24 hours of which also included another passenger and an 85 pound dog), saw family, visited friends, participated in a blogger roundtable thing which I am still totally flattered by my inclusion in, played bingo, drank beer, lost a rib cook off, got my hair all colored and chopped up, ate a shit ton of cake, celebrated the @!$# Baby’s 1st birthday for a second time, found $86 of childhood change which became a ticket to Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake where I consumed more beer, painted 75% of my bedroom and failed to buy enough paint to cover the rest.


Since you last heard about the kid, he officially became a walker, eats pretty much whatever I eat including real meat, not just meatballs, decided he loves ice cream and yesterday, learned to clap instead of making fists when I would try to show him how.

It’s been a pretty epic three weeks. Or four weeks. I don’t even know.

Hopefully the blogs that I intended to write while on this vacation adventure will someday appear. But for right now, they are buried in the gallon of paint that I have to buy today.

If I missed any important posts of yours, link me up! I read a few posts here and there but I know I probably missed a lot, which I totally dislike.

Let’s get back to normal around here, shall we?! Well, as normal as it can be, at least.

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