Toughest Job? Nah, I Don’t Think So.

I saw “the ad” yesterday. Maybe the night before. And at first I thought it was sweet and almost shared the link. But I didn’t. And then I thought about it a little more. And then I rolled my eyes.

And at this point I know I’m not the only one that’s bitching about it or will bitch about it and I’m definitely not the best of the best that will bitch about it, but whatever. I feel like bitching about it and I already wrote it so I don’t care. 

If you are somehow blissfully unawares of the latest in viral emotional scams, let me assist you: Advertising geniuses ingeniously came up with a campaign that had real people interview for a fake job that had stupid, not to mention obviously illegal, work demands and then hit them with the SURPRISE IT’S MOM! shtick. 

Is motherhood really the hardest job? Like, REALLY? I am certainly not on my feet 24/7, and while some days I feel like I could certainly use more sleep I’m not sufficiently lacking in it. I still find ways to nap all the @#%!ing time. And what moms (or dads) among us haven’t just shoved Easy Mac, String Cheese or Teddy Grahams at a kid to shove in their faceholes? Culinary guru, not so much. I know how to slap a band-aid on a cut or kiss a pinched finger but I’m not a doctor. \

Parent(s) can still sneak away for a date night. Parent(s) can still pawn their mini snot-faces off on the grandparents or other caretakers for a night or three or eighteen for a get-away. We aren’t ON all the time. The little knee scrapers have to sleep sometime. 

I don’t pretend to be anything more than I am. I am a dish washer, laundry maintainer, short order cook, freelance writer, chauffeur, storyteller and imagination creator. I would be all those things without a kid. I have to feed myself, right? So I cook. I have to have clean clothes, right? So I do laundry. I have to go places, right? So I drive. The kid just gets to come along for all the rides. It takes a little additional effort but it sure as shit isn’t rocket science.

Is it because I only have one kid? Do I need to have multiple kids to qualify? I fail to see how this is the TOUGHEST JOB.

I can think of a significant number of jobs that are way more difficult. My husband’s, obviously, if we’re going off the top of my head. Coal miner seems really tough. I think test pilot seems pretty risky. I would do anything to not be a real garbage man or anything to do with port-a-potties. I mean, shit, being an actual rocket scientist or Neil deGrasse Tyson seems pretty damn hard. I guess just don’t get the need to put moms on such a high pedestal. Yeah, we’re totally badass and awesome and most of us are fairly good at what we do, but honestly? Do we have to be revered with sappy ads when all we really need is a little love from our kids, an occasional hug and maybe a hot bath?

I am lucky to be a mom. I am even luckier to be of the stay at home variety. I don’t need someone not in my shoes trying to tell me how “hard” my life seems.

And I highly doubt those were the first, real and true reactions of the “candidates”. Because seriously, if I had to get dressed up, be excited for a new opportunity, waste my time and be interviewed for a job that didn’t actually exist?

There would have been a whole lot more expletives, let me #%!#$ tell you. I love my mom to pieces, but I am not about to dig out my corporate clothes and throw some make-up on and god forbid actually do my hair only to have someone trick me into telling me I may not appreciate her enough.


So can we just put an end to the heart-sabotaging SURPRISE, IT’S YOUR MOM! type shit? P&G Olympics and Carters, I’m looking at you. Again. Hallmark, Kleenex, American Greetings, etc. – watch your step.

23 thoughts on “Toughest Job? Nah, I Don’t Think So.

  1. Whitney says:

    THANK YOU. I hate this commercial for all of the reasons you mentioned (how the hell does that commercial advertise greeting cards anyway?), but especially because being a mom is hard, but certainly not the hardest job ever. Billions of people have been moms. But since I’m not a parent I can’t say that. 😉

  2. There seems to be a trend right now of marketers wanting to suck up to parents (and moms, especially) because in the past their roles were so taken for granted. It’s like the flipside of the Pinterest coin; if childhood is so esteemed and precious, then motherhood must be too. And I see through it. I’m a mom; things are hard and I’ve done my fair share of complaining about all the trials I’ve endured since spawning. But the hardest job ever? While I appreciate the sentiment, Marketing Company, I’d prefer not to be pandered to.

  3. Being a parent isn’t doesn’t always agree with my sanity (wherever it is), but it can be challenging at times. It is also very rewarding. That being said, I don’t think it’s hard it all. It’s a commitment, for sure, but not hard.

  4. Don’t forget Build-a-Bear on that mom-guilting shit-list.

    My biggest gripe with that ad (aside from the extremely preemptive canonization of moms) is with them calling parenthood “a job.” That feels like it cheapens it. A lot.

  5. It’s not the “hardest job” – it’s not a job at all. It was a choice and a decision I made myself. Is it hard? Yes. At times it can be damn hard. Emotional too. But do I want to go back to work like the kind before baby? Hells no.
    I am blessed to have my little mischief maker, not everyone gets to do what I get to do. I’ll never take that for granted. 🙂


    I mean, we’re moms, yeah some days are tough – you accidentally wipe shit from the diaper onto your face. Yeah, smells pretty bad. But it’s definitely not on par with being, oh, i dunno, a de-miner or a skyscraper window cleaner. (Is that just my fear? I think that’s crazy.)

  7. The part that I am kinda upset about is the lack of dad representation in mass media. I see stupid signs that say “remember to be a dad today” but not for moms. We love to advertise moms but rarely do we show dads doing great things or do we reflect that there are great dads out there. Chances are I sound really bias… I probably am… All things considered I’m a single dad. So yea… I wouldn’t mind some credit.

    • Nope, not bias at all. I considered bringing dads and even working moms into this post but I just didn’t have the strength to dive into all of that crazysauce today. When it comes to this type of drivel, dads are left out because they aren’t the “emotional” parent. You guys don’t fall for this crap like the female rollercoaster of feelings.

      Dads in general – but especially single dads – definitely do not receive the props in the media they should.

  8. Zayaan says:

    I can’t find the place to Like this post, but I do. In fact, I love it. I’m a new mom, to a 6-month-old and we’re in a sort of routine now where it isn’t as frantic as it was when he was a newborn. But I agree, there are definitely jobs MUCH harder than this one. Just because it’s the toughest thing I’VE had to do in my life, doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there who’s jobs are even tougher, like you said coal miners have it rough, especially since they’re always getting stuck in the mines. I’m rambling. I’m tired. But not coal miner tired…

    • Don’t let them fool you. I was always told that the first months were the hardest. THEY ARE NOT. It just gets harder! But still never the “hardest”. It also gets more fun. So far, anyway. 😉

      • Zayaan says:

        Personally, with my first one, I did feel like newborn was hard. But I think that’s because it was new for me too. Definitely think I will handle and enjoy the next one’s newborn phase much better. I appreciate now for one, how much they sleep in the day!

  9. this is great. as a mom-to-be it can get SO exhausting listening to people tell me how hard it is, and basically how much my life is going to suck. while i’m not a mom yet, I do feel that the “toughest job” thing is a mentality that needs to be broken.

    • I hated that build up when I was pregnant! I get that people wanted to “help” but everything was so negative. There was a point when I wondered why people even DO this if it’s so bad! It was not nearly as bad as everyone led me to believe!

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