Time For Your Update. It’s Okay If You Giggle.

Yoooooo. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I know you missed me devastatingly so, and I figured I could give you a heads up on everything that’s hot on the docket and remind you that our $%$@!# Family does, in fact, still exist.

We’ve had a busy summer with trips to the beach, vacations to Minnesota, Colorado and Georgia, lots of visitors and a holy shit SECOND birthday. It’s also been filled with doctors appointments, wicked colds, lots of referrals to more doctors and about six boxes of Kleenex, both for tears and nose gunk. And a monkey cake. There was a monkey cake.

Everyone is healthy, though. Until we see more doctors. But no one is rushing these appointments, so I’m gonna stick with healthy. 

I had an amaaaaaazing self-experience trying to summit a mountain and I have plenty to share about that. But do you know what it’s like to climb a mountain for 12 hours and have stupid kid TV show songs in your head? Because I do.

No joke. These two songs. Twelve hours. It was worse than the actual hiking-for-12-hours thing. 



We totally watch Bubble Guppies though. And their stupid Mac & Cheese puns get me every fricking time.

So get ready for blogs about doctors, hiking, traveling with (and without) a toddler and a full update on the kid at 24 months. Get excited. Pour some bourbon. I’m You’re We’re gonna need it.

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