Here We Goat Again!

It’s been a crazy month of packing, moving, driving, unpacking, a slew of bugs and learning the lay of new lands and states. There is much to be said about all that but you’ll probably never read it. Somehow, in the midst of the crazy, we made one last visit to the farm in Maryland we’ve taken Little A to every year

Kid still likes goats. This year he also liked chasing the chickens, blatantly ignoring the DON’T CHASE THE CHICKENS sign, that rebel. He finally sat still long enough to not be a blur or an immobile lump in the pumpkin patch. He also rode a horse that was supposed to be a pony but was pretty much a horse.

I also learned that my camera is cursed at this particular latitude and longitude. The past two visits, my camera would shut down and I would have to take the battery out in order for it to work again. I thought it was something with the sensors and the sun or some shiut, because it was always super bright and I was usually trying to get glare, but this year was overcast and it STILL happened. It’s never happened anywhere else. Ever. So cool story, bro.

Anyway, we won’t be dressing up this year aside from sitting in emptied moving boxes handing out candy to our new neighbors, so some pumpkin photos will have to suffice for Halloween this year. Sorry, no mullets, hair bands or tattoos. #sadface

Elioak 14-1 Elioak 14-2 Elioak 14-3Elioak 14-5Elioak 14-6Elioak 14-4

This kid drives me totally batshit every single day but that face, man. That stupid cute little face. Can’t even. 

Check out this wicked cool age progression.

Elioak 14-7

Happy Halloween from our whole #$!#$!% family!!


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