Meet the A’s

Have a peek at our cozy little family.

mean mug

That’s me, AM. Or Ann Marie. Whatevs. I’m judging you because I can.  That eyebrow is pretty much permanently raised and I’m going to certainly need Botox sooner than later.



That’s Batman Big A. You’re just going to have to use your imagination on that one. Here is the story of us.



And Little A, the reason the blog even exists. Born June 2012.



Baxter, the vicious AmStaff. By vicious I mean sweetest, most obedient beefcake of a dog.



And finally, Gordon. This photo is several years old, as a kitten, but we have yet to capture another shot of his personality so perfectly. As of February 2013, he still outweighs the kid by several pounds.



Photo of Ann Marie taken by Melissa McClure Photography.

All others by ME.

Except Batman. He self-portraits.


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