2011 Happened Like This

Dear @#%! Baby:

In the year we made you, the following events happened.

We went to Vegas over Valentine’s Day and “got married” and went all VIP with some friends and bottle service.


My cousin and I won the coveted rib cook-off trophy. Neither of us had cooked ribs before. Several family members were not happy.

I turned 30. Yikes. I drank a lot of bourbon and Grain Belt that weekend.

I met Mr. Belding at a Minor League baseball game.

Big A deployed again. But not before we had a Jorts party, during which I saw more of our friends than I ever wanted to.

Our basement turned into a water park during Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Then it was jackhammered and rebuilt. If I never shop-vac again I will be a happy camper. The basement has been dubbed The Danger Zone.

I got to visit Big A – in Africa! It was just okay. Lolololololol J/K it was amazeballs.

We discovered a fetus. YOU. So I started a blog.

I won Skivver Fest 2011 – second year in a row I beat my brother at making Christmas breakfast. Because I’m awesome.

All told, aside from a few major highlights (I mean, HELLO, Africa + Baby), a fairly mundane year – not that I’m complaining. Danger Zone was enough stress on its own. And Lord knows next year is going to be a cluster@^$& of who knows what so I will look back on 2011 with wistful eyes and sigh.

Always remember that year we were Ballers.