Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

May I have your attention please?

We’re gonna have a problem here.

Hi, my name is…

That’s right my friends. The world receives another A. Because that’s exactly what we all need, though it is better than a Mini Me running around, at least until we get a grasp on this parenting thing.

And yes, we fully intend to dress our little boy like Andy Bernard.

As most of my “real life” friends know, my husband’s name is one not to be spoken on the interwebz and his main online persona is Big A. Well. Now our baby’s name will be also verboten since he will be taking that same name. Henceforth, hamster fetus will forever be known as “Little A”. Or, since Big A is a Lil’ Wayne fan (who’s kidding who, I am too. MAKE IT RAIN.), fetus will also be seen as “Lil’ A”.

We found out a few days before Big A left, so the fact I’ve kept this secret for over a week is sort of a miracle. Within the first two minutes of the ultrasound, we knew. It was pretty clear. Little A takes after his father, letting his goods hang out for the world to see. Anyone who went to college with us may know this fact about Big A a little too well. Sadly, we did not receive photographic evidence of Little A’s first such moment. But rest assured it is bound to be the first of many.

Dude, you can totally see the crazy finger!

He's got leeegs. He'll know how to use them.

So there you have it! We got our wish, our practice child and we don’t have to spend days, weeks or months arguing about baby girl names. Two thumbs up.

All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating.



Hi! My Name Is…

Chicka chicka…

Hey, I said I was listening to a ton of Eminem.

You’ll have to wait a for more days for the real reveal.


Dear $@# Baby.

Your father informed me the other day that he wants to nickname you “Deuce”. I think he was referring to you being male and probably being named Little A, making you a second, to which he would change to Deuce. If you’re female, apologies, because that still may be your name. Your father can be a stubborn SOB.

My immediate response was “But what if you drop him?” We may watch too much Family Guy.

I’ll try to stop him, Kid, but you may be outta luck on this one.