Photo Friday: A Year in Sandwiches

It is no secret that I am crazy obsessed with Jimmy John’s sandwiches. When I was working, I would go more than once a week. I was the mayor on Foursquare for a good long stretch, for $%#!s sake! Even pregnant I was going once a week; nitrates be damned. I can pinpoint who started my obsession and I can name at least ten people whom I have passed the joy on to.

Pinterest has plenty of “ideas” for monthly photo shoots, of course. Though they tend to be overdone and/or overly complicated. OF COURSE.

So that explains the following.

And full disclosure: I was not sponsored or paid or reimbursed or anything. Though I wouldn’t turn it down retroactively. (wink)

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Photo Friday: Facebook Sucks

I had something more exciting planned for today. At least I think I did. Regardless, it is long forgotten and then I got frustrated with Facebook because running a Facebook page with mostly your smartphone is like trying to poke ALF with a chopstick after he’s flown back to Melmac.

I don’t know that because I watched ALF. I know that because I watched Saved by the Bell and Screech mentions it like 9.5 times.

IMPOSSIBLE. It’s impossible.

First they make you download another app. Which is stupid, I don’t want two apps for the same @#%! website. Then they remove half the functionality. Then they just make it not work at all. You can uninstall and re-download if you want to waste 45 minutes of package fail and network down messages. Personally, I’d rather watch two episodes of ALF.

Meanwhile, since they want you to use that worthless app, they make the regular app totally useless for page posts and everything you post shows up as a wall post from yourself. Meaning no one sees it AND your real identity is identified. Because that’s totally what I wanted to happen.

LET’S NOT MAKE THIS INTO AN ANDROID/APPLE DEBATE. Just do not go there. Soooooo not in the mood.


Here are two photos that I INTENDED to post on my Facebook page but Facebook had other ideas. And if you follow me on Instagram, then you’re awesome but these episodes are repeats.

Garden Party

Garden Party

"Look, lady, I'll eat it. Just stop with the damn noises."

“Look, lady, I’ll eat it. Just stop with the damn noises.”

And yes, this is a thinly veiled ploy to get you to like me on Facebook. Even though I hate it right now.

I can’t quit.

Call Intervention. Zack Morris has a cell phone you can borrow.

And no, the alliteration the title could have had did not escape me. I just thought the annoyance wasn’t worth the vulgarity. Which is weird. For me.

Happy $@%@! Weekend!

Photo Friday: The Eternal Struggle


Subtitled: Mom cleaned the entire house but forgot the window.


Photo Friday: Christmas Card Rejects

I fancy myself to be a semi-decent photographer, so OF COURSE I thought it was a mighty fine idea to take a photo of the wee baby Seamus  Little A and make into a wonderful, beautiful, exceptional holiday card.


But we got a few. And even though sorting pics to find the good ones is like 119% the bane of my existence, there were some stand outs and one MEGA stand out which became the card.

Was it worth it? Probably. But here’s hoping NEXT Christmas is just a little bit easier.


xmas blog 5

xmas blog 4

xmas blog 3

xmas blog 1

Release that baited breath, my friends. The next photo was the big winner of the Christmas Card Contest Extravaganza Bonanza Blitz. And, side note for you procrastinators, and I am not being paid for this endorsement in any way, but if you have a Ritz Camera in your area, HOLY CRAP. I ordered the cards online on Friday, December 14th and picked them up the next damn day. Every other website either wouldn’t let you upload your own design (which I had) or they were charging an arm and a leg for expediting OR both. I didn’t even know there were still Ritz Cameras in business but holy hell I’m glad there are; for once I got those damn cards out on time.


xmas blog 2

The card was captioned with “Merry & Bright”. I was more than okay with the outcome.



And if you are unaware of the reference, please introduce yourself to the Wee Baby Seamus.