Photo Friday: When in Rome…

Well, not ACTUALLY Rome. Not even remotely close.

But when in the Bayou…do as them Southerns do!

Wear Overalls.

Wear Overalls.

Get Daiquiris from the Drive-Thru Shack

Get Daiquiris from a Drive-Thru Shack.

Eat a Crawfish

Eat a Crawfish.

Or Not.

Or Not.

Play "Who Dat?" instead of Peek-a-Boo. And earn the nickname "Hambone".

Play “Who Dat?” instead of Peek-a-Boo. And earn the nickname “Hambone”.

Don't Wear Pants.

Don’t Wear Pants.

It’s a kind of a BIG DEAL that I ate a crawfish. I even almost liked it! We all had a warm, wonderful, pantsless time in Louisiana!

Oh, and Little A was often pantsless because his decision to “Rome” included shitting his britches. This kid has never pooped in his @#%!$ carseat before. We had to wash that cover three times. IN FIVE DAYS. No photos of that. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Did we miss any “when in Rome” opportunities while there?