Here We Goat Again!

It’s been a crazy month of packing, moving, driving, unpacking, a slew of bugs and learning the lay of new lands and states. There is much to be said about all that but you’ll probably never read it. Somehow, in the midst of the crazy, we made one last visit to the farm in Maryland we’ve taken Little A to every year

Kid still likes goats. This year he also liked chasing the chickens, blatantly ignoring the DON’T CHASE THE CHICKENS sign, that rebel. He finally sat still long enough to not be a blur or an immobile lump in the pumpkin patch. He also rode a horse that was supposed to be a pony but was pretty much a horse.

I also learned that my camera is cursed at this particular latitude and longitude. The past two visits, my camera would shut down and I would have to take the battery out in order for it to work again. I thought it was something with the sensors and the sun or some shiut, because it was always super bright and I was usually trying to get glare, but this year was overcast and it STILL happened. It’s never happened anywhere else. Ever. So cool story, bro. Continue reading


Photo Friday: Have You Herd the News?

Several weeks ago, we returned to the scene of last year’s Goat Encounters of the Herd Kind. You can judge for yourselves if the sequel is better or worse.

I again fought with my big DSLR but since we went on a weekday, the place was empty and there was no cider to quench my rage. I also discovered that my new phone may just take better photos. Also learned that it is much harder these days to capture a toddler in focus. So that’s fun. Christmas photos should be interesting this year.

He was much more interested in the animals this year which made it way more fun than just holding him up like we had to last year.


Yo, goat. What’s happening.

So, you come here often?

So, you come here often?



I always feel like somebody's watching me...

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…



We have to do this every year, don't we?

We have to do this every year, don’t we?

Back , way back, in the summer I was given Lightroom for my birthday in an effort to actually DO something with the photos I take. However, that program is so overwhelming to me I don’t even know where to begin to start learning. So I just haven’t. But in trying to learn, I played with presets. Which is cool and all, but it doesn’t help when the photos are out of focus anyway because your kid won’t sit the @%#! still for more than a second.



Happy #%!@#% Friday, friends!

Goat Encounters of the Herd Kind

Even though Little A is far too young to know, well, much of anything, it was a gorgeous fall day last Saturday and I was all LET’S GO TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH. Even though there was little a 3.5 month old could do. And we didn’t want to get (or subsequently carve) pumpkins. That shit takes time. And is messy. And I don’t particularly like the smell. But #$&!%! it, we were going to go anyway.

This place had everything – hay rides, pony rides, petting zoo. TWO mazes. Apple cider. Terrible face painting. Bees.

Verdict? Little A was as unimpressed as McKayla Maroney.

But clearly we had fun anyway. That’s how we do. Big A and I tried to explain to Little A that almost everything he saw he could eat one day but he still showed no interest, even with the cow.

And then my big camera started acting up and the the battery on the little one was seconds away from dying and I got frustrated but quelled a hissy fit with hot cider. And more goats.

Big A and I contemplated stealing a goat. These goats were the cleanest @#^@! goats I’ve ever seen. The ones in the petting pen must be shampooed and blow dried daily. SO FLUFFY. SO FRESH. SO CLEAN.

We tried to take the quintessential child sitting with pumpkin autumn photo but the kid lacks the ability to sit so it’s more of a lounging with a squash in a field photo.

I really liked seeing all of the other kids there…and imagining how much more involved Little A will be next year and the years after that. But if it takes two years to get to next year, I’d be okay with that. This damn kid is growing up too fast already.

We did buy the little pumpkin we forced him to pose with. But we’re not going to carve it. Too little. And we’re too lazy. But we couldn’t NOT buy a pumpkin from a #@!$! damn patch. We would have looked like pumpkinless fools walking out.

And we certainly couldn’t walk out looking like fools.