Photo Friday: Spring in MN vs. Spring in MD

Life in Maryland last week was a liiiiitle different then it was when we were in Minnesota the week before. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home state and never waver on that, but they are bat shit crazy with the weather this year. Like, it snowed while I was there. At the end of April. And they got substantial snow yesterday. IN MAY. That’s weirder than The Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991, for reals.

I go through snow withdrawal  so I didn’t mind. We played in it! Little A wasn’t impressed. Possibly even annoyed I put him in it because that snowball? Went straight down my sweater immediately following that photo.



We returned home to 65 degrees and sun. And played in bright green grass.


He wasn’t impressed with that either. And played perhaps isn’t the right word. Froze in place seems more accurate. He wasn’t sure what to do.

He seemed to enjoy the swing and the slide and/or the basking in the sun but was unimpressed with his first baseball game.





He’s just bummed the Reds lost. Or maybe that it wasn’t a Twins game. Shit, it was pretty warm, maybe he missed that cold white shit. A big week of firsts (snow, grass, slide, swing, public transit (not pictured), baseball) and varied weather!

You may notice an extreme difference in my hair. There’ll a blog post about that. Because it had gotten RIDIC awful. And it’s the @!#%!# baby’s fault.