What a Week! From HELLLLL.

It started off being exhausted from a weekend in Chicago filled with too much walking, an epic concert, a sorority reunion and a couple otters. Also an amazingly ludicrous meltdown that had a toddler crying, drooling, spitting, flailing and melting from downtown Chicago to Midway Airport, through the baggage check line, past security and all the way to the gate. So that was a fun ending to the trip. But the flight? Mot@#$!f#@$ angel. At least he gave me that. Continue reading


Gratuitous Photo Alert

Yeah, this has been in the draft pile since, like, Memorial Day. Well, these photos were taken Memorial Day weekend, so maybe it was a week or two after that. Either way, I sort of don’t look like this anymore. But  I still wanted to share. Because this is my blog. And I do what I want.

Shout out to Melissa McClure Photography  for being willing to put up – as always – with my crazy faces during this shoot. She’s awesome. And she knows it. You should know it, too.

I tend to dislike the cheesy shit, so this is what happens when it gets brought up in jest.

And one of Baxter because he’s Baxter and he kicks ass.