Photo Friday: The Eternal Struggle


Subtitled: Mom cleaned the entire house but forgot the window.


Photo Friday: When in Rome…

Well, not ACTUALLY Rome. Not even remotely close.

But when in the Bayou…do as them Southerns do!

Wear Overalls.

Wear Overalls.

Get Daiquiris from the Drive-Thru Shack

Get Daiquiris from a Drive-Thru Shack.

Eat a Crawfish

Eat a Crawfish.

Or Not.

Or Not.

Play "Who Dat?" instead of Peek-a-Boo. And earn the nickname "Hambone".

Play “Who Dat?” instead of Peek-a-Boo. And earn the nickname “Hambone”.

Don't Wear Pants.

Don’t Wear Pants.

It’s a kind of a BIG DEAL that I ate a crawfish. I even almost liked it! We all had a warm, wonderful, pantsless time in Louisiana!

Oh, and Little A was often pantsless because his decision to “Rome” included shitting his britches. This kid has never pooped in his @#%!$ carseat before. We had to wash that cover three times. IN FIVE DAYS. No photos of that. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Did we miss any “when in Rome” opportunities while there?


Photo Friday: FAIL

Sometimes my son is not the brightest star in the sky.






Photo Friday: Christmas Card Rejects

I fancy myself to be a semi-decent photographer, so OF COURSE I thought it was a mighty fine idea to take a photo of the wee baby Seamus  Little A and make into a wonderful, beautiful, exceptional holiday card.


But we got a few. And even though sorting pics to find the good ones is like 119% the bane of my existence, there were some stand outs and one MEGA stand out which became the card.

Was it worth it? Probably. But here’s hoping NEXT Christmas is just a little bit easier.


xmas blog 5

xmas blog 4

xmas blog 3

xmas blog 1

Release that baited breath, my friends. The next photo was the big winner of the Christmas Card Contest Extravaganza Bonanza Blitz. And, side note for you procrastinators, and I am not being paid for this endorsement in any way, but if you have a Ritz Camera in your area, HOLY CRAP. I ordered the cards online on Friday, December 14th and picked them up the next damn day. Every other website either wouldn’t let you upload your own design (which I had) or they were charging an arm and a leg for expediting OR both. I didn’t even know there were still Ritz Cameras in business but holy hell I’m glad there are; for once I got those damn cards out on time.


xmas blog 2

The card was captioned with “Merry & Bright”. I was more than okay with the outcome.



And if you are unaware of the reference, please introduce yourself to the Wee Baby Seamus.


Portraits in Portland

I convinced my cousin to hire my best friend to shoot her wedding. AND SHE BOUGHT IT. So I got some extra family portraits as commission.

If you recall, Melissa McClure Photography also did my maternity photos. And another random photo shoot in Philly like two weeks ago. But that’s another post. Unless you want a preview, then check out my facebook cover. AND THAT ISN’T A TRICK TO GET YOU TO GO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE, I SWEAR.

Not completely, anyway.

There are some perks to having pro photog friends, I’ve gotta say. I need to find one locally. I don’t have many relatives left that are getting married.

The wedding was in Portland in August when Little A was seven weeks old. It’s CRAZY how much he’s changed. I usually feel like he looks the same as the day we brought him home, just a wee bit heavier and then I see pictures and it’s all HOLY SHIT WHO IS THAT IS THAT HIM OMG HE IS GROWING UP TOO FAST MAKE IT STOP.

That last picture was Big A’s idea and while you can’t see it, there is a hand holding him up because he is clearly not of age to sit be sittin’ on a bench by himself. I think he looks like Kermit the Frog. And that’s funny.