Scooter McGavin

The little demon is on the move! It started with the roll. And then the use-your-forehead-to-move-forward thing that I don’t think any baby has ever done in the history of ever. And now, it’s the Army crawl. And man, once this kid locks on to something,  he can get there in a hurry.

What exciting toys does he lock on to, you say? Well, I am @#!%@ glad you asked.

Because the answer is none. NONE OF THE TOYS.

He goes after the dog toy, the giant rawhide bone, the cat, the dog and computer cords. No matter where they are hidden, he finds them.

Toys are for wussies. REAL babies chew on rawhide.

REAL babies chase the cat who hates 98.4% of everything and is known to bite.

I used to think the kid was going to be wicked smart. Now I am questioning that.

He is getting pretty damn close to crawling. He can get up on his knees and while he doesn’t go anywhere yet, he does rock back and forth,  like he is winding up to propel forward. It’s funny until he tried to climb over your leg, and in the process, pretty much humps your leg. But it gets funny again when he gets tired and bellyflops.

Gone are the days of setting the kid down in one spot and leaving the room for five minutes. Where once he would remain in roughly the same spot, now he finds everything he shouldn’t get. It’s never going to end, is it?