My Foray into Blemishes

Dear !@#%$# Baby.

Enough with the zit-causing hormones. Honestly. It’s been three weeks of breakouts and I’ve had more crap explode on my face than the entirety of 1996. When I was 15. I have always been lucky (and thankful) to have fairly nice and relatively blemish-free skin and now you’re wrecking everything. So knock it the @#$%! off. The mood swings and the food indulgences and the weight gain are enough. Leave my face alone.

And the precious blemish that will. not. go. away? On the very tip of my nose? Is that seriously necessary? I don’t know if you’re trying to get into the holiday spirit or what, but I could live without the Rudolph Zit.

Apparently the Rudolph Zit also makes me a man. Damn. I look like Lars Ulrich or some shit.