365 Days Later

Dear Little A,

It is so hard to believe that a year ago, you came to be. You turned from the “crazy thing inside” into the “crazy baby outside”. You changed our lives tremendously and it is almost impossible to imagine the days without you.ย You’ve brought joy and light to all of us during some tough times this year. Your personality shines more each day and it almost outshines how #!$@ing cute you are.


You are fiercely independent and if you can’t do it yourself, you just won’t. And then one day, you just do. You wait until you know you won’t fail. It isn’t practice makes perfect with you. It’s more practice is for chumps and you’re just gonna sit there and watch and you’ll do it next week. On your first try.

That independent streak makes you stubborn.ย You know what you like, what you want and how you want it. These things are both impressive and annoying.

I love seeing the gears in your noggin turn as you learn and figure the world out. I love how your face lights up and your eyebrows raise when you see certain things, like the dog and cat. I love how you tackle hug and cuddle your stuffed critters…and your father over Skype.

You are spontaneously sweet and it melts me into a puddle each time. Every day your hugs get stronger, your kisses sloppier and your snuggles snugglier. You don’t mind taking a pause in play to crawl over, climb up into my lap, wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze. I don’t mind, either.

You’re a smart ass and I have no idea where you could have possibly gotten that. You give me the side eye, laugh if I tell you no, look me dead in the eye and do what you’re not supposed to.

Every day you make me laugh, make me cringe, make me smile. You irritate, entertain, frustrate, surprise. I take a deep breath in the morning when I hear you stir and a deep breath at night when I put you to bed. I relax into a few minutes of my own and then can’t wait until you wake up.

As long as it’s after 8am.

You made us into a family. We would never be who we are now without you. You are a gift and a blessing and all that other sappy shit. I cannot believe a year has already passed…time needs to slow down, just a little bit. I am looking forward to watching you grow into a handsome little man and continue to learn and explore and take in this wild world.


Happy First Birthday, Buddy!!

Love you like crazy,

Your @#%&! Mom (and Dad)


11 thoughts on “365 Days Later

  1. I love this post! It’s nearly a mirror image of how I was feeling 6 months ago ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy birthday little buddy!
    You are going to love the next 6 months developmental they take off like a rocket and you just sit back in awe and watch
    Ps – Lachlan also has that same smart arse streak and as they enter toddler town it gets more defiant and prominent lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Even in the past week I can’t believe how much he’s learning. It’s CRAZYSAUCE. Lord help me when the defiance gets worse. I have a hard enough time keeping it together as it is! I can’t help but laugh, no matter how angry I get!

      • Lol I feel your pain!! I’m secretly cracking up at the defiant NO as I tell him for the 15th time that hour to get off the table, tables aren’t for standing…cheeky little monkeys ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. cali says:

    aw….so cute. treasure every moment…it flies. when he’s graduating HS you’ll be like WTF, what happened to my #%*& baby?!? so savor it ALL xoxoxoxo

  3. Dude. I loved that post. Your little man is adorable and fantastic and he’s lucky to have such a good mama who will teach him the importance of a great sense of humor as he grows. Happy Birthday Little A!

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