Parenting According to Big A

So I’m a little hopped up on (approved) cold meds and fruit juice and was just energetically ranting and raving to Big A about all the stuff we have to do and learn in a short time. Having never really dealt with babies and hearing a lot of semi-horror stories, I was not buying into his tale of all-they-do-is-eat-sleep-and-poop. BUT WHAT IF I DROP HIM OR MESS HIM UP SOME HOW?

His cool-headed response?

“You know how many idiots raise babies? All we have to do is keep it alive. He won’t be a douche because we aren’t douchebags.”

Words to parent by. Thanks, honey. I feel better already.


6 thoughts on “Parenting According to Big A

    • bowmansinbavaria says:

      I think so, too! And, according to my counselor, studies have proven that parents just have to be Good Enough.

  1. All I have to do to make the wife quit freaking out about her parenting is take her to Walmart. The sheer numbers of idiots and douchebags with kids in the Walmart tends to calm her a little.

  2. I’m totally in love with his answer! Keeping the kid alive is definitely key but when I think about all the people that neglect their children I know that by simply loving my daughter more than I could possible imagine, I’m already ahead of the game! You’re going to be a GREAT mom! (I’m new to your blog but it seems like fun! I’ll definitely be back!)

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