Portraits in Portland

I convinced my cousin to hire my best friend to shoot her wedding. AND SHE BOUGHT IT. So I got some extra family portraits as commission.

If you recall, Melissa McClure Photography also did my maternity photos. And another random photo shoot in Philly like two weeks ago. But that’s another post. Unless you want a preview, then check out my facebook cover. AND THAT ISN’T A TRICK TO GET YOU TO GO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE, I SWEAR.

Not completely, anyway.

There are some perks to having pro photog friends, I’ve gotta say. I need to find one locally. I don’t have many relatives left that are getting married.

The wedding was in Portland in August when Little A was seven weeks old. It’s CRAZY how much he’s changed. I usually feel like he looks the same as the day we brought him home, just a wee bit heavier and then I see pictures and it’s all HOLY SHIT WHO IS THAT IS THAT HIM OMG HE IS GROWING UP TOO FAST MAKE IT STOP.

That last picture was Big A’s idea and while you can’t see it, there is a hand holding him up because he is clearly not of age to sit be sittin’ on a bench by himself. I think he looks like Kermit the Frog. And that’s funny.

9 thoughts on “Portraits in Portland

  1. I look back at Squatch’s early pictures and think the same thing. I marvel at how skinny his legs were and I’m amazed that it’s even the same kid. I’m pretty sure it’s not, though. I think this kid we have now ate that other kid.

  2. I look back and am amazed that I thought Alex was so cute back then – she’s way cuter NOW! She was cute, but not as cute as I remember that’s for sure – amazing what some hormones can do.

    BTW, your hair looks awesome! I think the 4th pic is my favorite 🙂

    • TOTALLY! I look back and think, “Crap! He really did look like a baby!” Now he looks like a man. I’m terrified what the next six months will bring!

      Thank you for the hair compliment! It reminds me that I am overdue for my next appointment! 🙂

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