It’s a Dog Toy, People.

Let’s face it. Come to terms with it. There’s nothing wrong with it, really. The kid likes it, right? That’s all the matters. But the truth is…


It’s rubber. It squeaks. Sounds like a chew toy for the ol’ mutt, doesn’t it.

Photo credit: Amazon

Well, belovers of this antique french giraffe.



Those French sure are smart.

Picture it. Not Sicily. 1961. Somewhere in Paris. You know the inventor was just sitting there. Little wedge of brie. Little glass of wine. Reading philosophy* or some crap. Little Pomeranian by his side. Gnawing on a little rubber pork chop.

He hears the kid cry in the other room. The wife went to the market. The nanny was off duty. The kid was teething.

Not knowing what to do – hey, this was back in the day and you know most dads couldn’t do shit – he frantically tried to find the solution to make this infant shut its yap.

Bottle? Nope.

Blanket? Mais non.

Cuddles? LOL French men don’t cuddle.

In throes of fury he yanks the pork chop from the Pom, shoves it in le bebe’s facehole.

Yikes. But baby noms. Baby is happy. Baby bites down.

Sqquuueaaaaaak. Baby squeals with glee.

Well. That sure did the trick now, didn’t it.


He knows he’s not the rightful owner.

He thought, “C’est bon! Let’s sell the shit out of this thing!”

And the rest, shall we say, is history.

Thankfully, someone had enough foresight into making it a cute little giraffe with a sweet little name. Otherwise babies across the world could be nomming on rubber pork chops or hamburgers right now.

Which actually would be sort of cute, though way less marketable. Although I bet they could have made Sophie the Steak work.

But yeah. Next time your kid is drooling on that thing, remember this history lesson. It’s a dog toy. And that’s okay. Just don’t let the baby and the dog share it. That’s gross.



* He could have been reading philosophy or…wait for it…philosophie. Huh? HUH?? Oh god. I am ashamed of myself. Big A must have wore off on me over the extended weekend. Apologies.


13 thoughts on “It’s a Dog Toy, People.

  1. LOL, that’s exactly what it is, but my 6 month old loves it! She smiles and reaches for it every time she sees this darn thing. Granted, I would’ve never paid $26.99 for it but we got it as a gift. I do guard it from my dogs but it stopped squeaking after I put it in the sterilizer.

  2. Haha, philosophie! 🙂 My Doodle once received a gift of three different textured squeaky rubber balls. I wish to god I was kidding. I hear you COMPLETELY on the glorified dog toys! 🙂

  3. I think I actually heard a trombone waah-waaaaahing in the background on that pun. Congrats on breaking the internet.

    And it’s not just a dog toy. It’s a $20 dog toy. But damn if Squatch doesn’t love the hell outta that thing.

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