The Pros of (Temporary) (Military-Related) Single Parenthood

Yesterday, we went over the cons of such a situation. But today we celebrate the silver linings! It’s not always bad. Even in college we had summer and winter breaks apart, giving us an opportunity to miss/appreciate/become less annoyed with the other. PROS That span of 2005.5-2008.5 where we didn’t have a break?

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about that. Deployments can be good! We’ve come to enjoy them, at least parts of them. 

Plus they don’t exactly hurt the bank account and are pretty much the reason I don’t have to schlep to work every day any more…

Anyway, let’s get started! 


Overly Buttered Popcorn. My husband, growing up in Illinois, appreciates butter but not to the extent that I appreciate butter. I have some Wisconsin in my blood and we butter Saltines for crazy sake. (I’ve also been told my grandma used to straight take bites from a stick of butter, soooo….) My mom and I have added butter to already-buttered microwave popcorn. I love the less-butter-add-Tabasco-salt approach to popcorn that Big A and I do but within a few days of him leaving I find myself at the stove, popcorn popping, half a stick of butter melting in the microwave. Mmmmmm butter.

Clean Refrigerator Top. As many athletically-focused people can be, Big A is somewhat obsessed with supplements and protein powder. Now, I fully understand the protein powder thing. My favorite lunch is frozen strawberries, pineapple juice and orange creamsicle protein powder whizzed in my Ninja. BUT next to the three giant tubs of protein powder are 73 tiny pill and supplement bottles, crowding the top of the fridge. Which are all now stowed in the cupboards above the same area, out of which I had to remove empty boxes from nine year old wedding presents that have been up there since we moved in 5.5 years ago. BUT NO MORE TOP OF FRIDGE CLUTTER. Because that’s like, so vital to my everyday happiness. Except not. But it feels refreshed. And less dusty. MAC

MAC AND CHEESE. I love it. Kid loves it. You love it. Big A could take or leave it. What’s wrong with him, I KNOW, RIGHT!?! Homemade, boxed, frozen, easy, it doesn’t !@#$%! matter. All of the mac and cheese. ALL OF IT. See also: Beer Cheese Soup, but that’s a mom-only treat since kid has not yet fully mastered soup spooning. 

Full House. I can watch Full House when I go to bed. Uncle Jesse and his mullet soothe me into slumber.

Better Housekeeping. I hang my towels up instead of draping them over the tub because I gain control of the more convenient towel rack next to the shower. (Although this bit me in the ass when I took a bath the other night and my towels were oddly out of reach.) The other sink never gets dirty. The dishes are half as plentiful. The bed is always half-made. There is less “Dad Clutter” on the couch (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop, notebooks, etc) that kid has to be lured away from. Also in this category: HALF THE MOTHER!#%!# LAUNDRYYYYYY.

I am the King. I get to sprawl across the entire King. But I don’t do it for me, I do it so the mattress doesn’t get that lump in the middle. Taking on for the team, over here.

People Want to Visit. The month of May is pretty much a solid block of guests which is so, so fab. Now, granted, they include two grandmas and a friend who was planning on visiting anyway BUT people at least toy with the idea of a visit when I’m on my own. And that warms my cold, brittle heart, for real. ♥

So the pros are a little more egocentric and less kid related but honestly, are there any true benefits to several months of solo kid raising at the onset of the Terrible Twos? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Big A is missing out on some fun moments and some great milestones but he sure ain’t missing some epic tantrums.

Oh my god don’t even get me STARTED on THAT.

But see? Not all bad! That’s not even the whole list. Plus you guys benefit by receiving more blog posts because I’ve got nothing better to do! *wink*

What do you appreciate more when you’ve been left to your own devices?

6 thoughts on “The Pros of (Temporary) (Military-Related) Single Parenthood

  1. My husband leaves for work for a month at a time, and when he’s gone, while I’m lonely…. it’s nice be able to have grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner (simple!), less laundry to do, no sports TV on in the background, and sometimes……..I’ll admit it…I don’t get out of my PJs till noon.

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